Dalemain Car Show in the rain...Heavy rain...Persistent Heavy Rain....ALL DAY TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS

I first got my GTV 17 years ago, the latest in a long line of Alfas I’ve owned.

In all that long time it, not she, has never missed a beat. Regular cam belt changes and servicing has been repaid with fault free performance from day one until now.

My wife ran it for many years but as she got older she got smaller and ended up having difficulty seeing over the wheel so I bought her an open-top Micra and the GTV was garaged from then on for the winter months and used when I could in the summer.

It gets lots of comments and I was expecting a few on my first venture into the classic car world last Sunday at the gorgeous Dalemain house in Cumbria.

I must say surrounded by 911’s, a De Lorean, Lotus Esprit and many many others it looked amazing and I was actually proud of it sitting in the rain and looking flawless too as the water covered every little scratch that my wife had put on it over the years.

The pics below are a few with a Fuji T-20 from under a brolly. The fuji isn’t weather sealed but did a fine job in recording not the lovely cars but the not so lovely weather and the effect it had on them and their owners.



Walking in the rain with the one I love.

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