ive had a bit of a surprise on putting this site together in that i really dont know what sort of photographer i am

old slides from when i dabbled with photography when i was at school show that i used to shoot things in space that relate in some way to each other colours forms its the same now as i still look mainly for simplicity in a photograph

why i stopped taking pictures i dont really know but i think beer and girls had something to do with it its a big regret as a shade off thirty years went by until i found myself in currys metrocentre branch signing up for a finance agreement on a nikon d50 bag and zoom lens

a few years later and i am famous 

well a bit as have had my pictures shown in london and washington and have had my photographs chosen in four of the last five uk landscape photographer of the year competitions being runner up once and charlie waites personal choice on another occasion

i am proud of that and of my little girl Sarah May who has just left to attend newcastle university 

i miss her so much